Jun 29th Emergency maintenance for cp3.netwisp.com at 4:30 AM CDT

Greetings,For a period of time now, we've been having problems with cp3.netwisp.com crashing due to kernel panics. During this time, we've been working with CloudLinux for the cause and they feel based on the crash reports that its from a memory stick that is failing. Although the server had been up for 270 days prior to these recent issues ... Read More »

Jun 28th Power Outage Update June 28, 2017

Greetings,At around 8:40 PM tonight, we lost access to one of our cabinets at the data center. We contacted our tech and after investigation, he came back and said there was a problem with the power circuit for the cabient. He was able to get it resolved and by 9:10 PM, our servers were coming back up. We should have everything back up and running ... Read More »

May 30th Billing Software (Website) Upgrade In Progress

Greetings,We're in the process of upgrading our billing software to the latest version. Because the billing software is integrated with the website design, it has affected the display of some areas. While the website should be functional, some things may not look properly until we can get all the aspects resolved. We hope to get it resolved as ... Read More »

Feb 8th VPS Maintenance on Feb. 12, 2017 at 1:30 AM CST

Greetings,Please be advised that we will need to shut down one of our VPS nodes this Sunday (Feb 12, 2017), in order to perform some hardware maintenance - the RAID controller battery has failed and needs replacing. One of the memory sticks is also having issues and needs to be replaced. Any servers hosted on this virtual server will be offline ... Read More »

Jun 11th VPS/VM Maintenance on 6/15/2016 @ 11PM

Greetings,Please be advised that we need to perform maintenance in our chi01 cabinet that will affect our VPS/virtual machines located there on Wednesday. June 15 at 11 PM CDT. This maintenance will affect the following hardware nodes:vps5vps8pcs1pcs2Any servers hosted on these machines will be offline for about 30 minutes during the maintenance ... Read More »

May 2nd New Shared Hosting Features

As we've mentioned, we're having a number of great new features being rolled out for our shared (and reseller) hosting plans. Here's a list of what's being added. Unmetered Bandwidth * All of our shared hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth! You can now express yourself as much as you want on your websites hosted with us! No matter how ... Read More »

May 2nd Account Migrations on May 6th

Greetings,We will be completing a majority of our shared/reseller account upgrades this weekend. Starting at 10PM CDT on Friday, May 6th, we will be migrating the remaining shared and reseller accounts to our upgraded servers with SSD drives. We will perform the transfers in such a way so that you can keep your settings the same and not make any ... Read More »

Apr 10th Annoucing Tiered SSD Storage!

Greetings,The first new feature we'd like to discuss that we're bringing to everyone is tiered SSD storage. You can read more about it here on our blog:http://blog.netwisp.com/2016/04/05/tiered-ssd-storage/If you have any questions about this new feature being added, please let us know and we'll be happy to answer them.We're excited about this ... Read More »

Apr 1st Big Changes Ahead!

Greetings! I realize that Netwisp has often been far more quiet than what I'd like about who we are, the services we offer, and how we can help you be on the web and cloud. Our goal with starting a blog to change this by starting to discuss the improvements we're bringing for everyone. In many ways, we've never implemented this many new ... Read More »

Jan 23rd cpanel2 emergency repairs

Greetings,   We have experienced a motherboard failure with the server that is currently hosting cpanel2.netwisp.com. We are moving the hard drives to a new server in order to bring the websites back online. We hope to have the server back up and running within the hour. This announcement will be updated as the repairs progress.   UPDATE ... Read More »